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Premium List Updated

Hi! We want to let you know that we just got Sky Sport 2,3 & Gambero Rosso *Tivibu Sport 2 *Telemundo *Russian Sport Channels ect

Premium IPTV – Everything you want is here!

*1400+ Channels Worldwide 1-Premium Service{Active} 1.1- One month{8$} 1.2- Two months{15$} 1.3- Three months{21$} 2-Restream Service{Active} 2.1- Monthly range{2$ – 5$} 3-Reseller Service{Active} 3.1- Monthly 10x Accounts{100$(10$/month)} 3.2- 25x Monthly Accounts{175$(7$/month)} 3.3- 50x Monthly Accounts{300$(6$/month)} 3.4- 100+ Monthly Accounts{500$(5$/month)} *We don’t offer refund{That is why u have the option of 24H test} *We provide{24H Test}… Read More »

{Good News}Euro 2016 – On Bein MAX Arabia{On Premium List}

Hi! As you may noticed Bein added 4 new channels called Bein Max for the EURO 2016. We already got Bein Max on HD and will be available starting from today! To get them just reload or re download the list. Thank your for being part of our community!